Joyful Issue 15- Roksanda Cover


Joy is contagious. When you spread your happiness to others, it doesn’t deplete your supply. Quite the opposite. The pleasure you feel increases when you pass it on to others. Joy replenishes itself as it is shared. To be joyful then is to both give and receive those sweet moments. We can keep them as a balm against our workaday world.

We can always choose Joy. 

Cover Shoot Credits

Photography: Theresa Marx 

Styling: Lucy Upton-Prowse 

Hair: Hiroshi Matsushita 

Makeup: Anna Payne at Of Substance using Laura Mercier 

Nail Artist: Jen Turner  

Model: Hody Yim at Milk Management 

Casting: Troy Westwood 

Photography Assistants: Tom Porter 

Styling Assistant: Azazel Lorenzoni 

Styling assistant: Laura Reaf 

Location: Rocco Forte Brown’s Hotel London 


Thank you to John Walter and Gwendoline Jones of The London Pearly kings & queens society 



SIZE:315mm x 230mm

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