Seafarers | Virgin Soil


Virgin Soil


Words by Martin Colino

London based Seafarers latest release, "Virgin Soil," off their upcoming album "Orlando" has left us enchanted with a hauntingly beautiful tune of longing and loss. Lauren Kinsella's elegant voice narrates the emotions around the loss of a grandparent who shared their love of gardening, and how they now symbolically dwell in the soil they tilled together. "My grandfather was an avid gardener and this song was written across his gentle deterioration at the end of his life", the band's founder Matthew Herd explains. "It was like a return to nature. I remember him comparing life to a garden, that death is essential for new growth."

"You told me about the garden,
as we sat in chapel stalls.
I will rest my spade by the sycamore tree
where you taught me to walk
as I come to your knees.

Now the soil fills your mouth
and the roots drag you down
You're home."

With such an emotive and moving experience, Virgin Soil leaves us aching to hear more from Seafarers.