The Hass Brothers- Ferngully


the haas brothers


Photography by Zachary Balber. Images courtesy The Bass, Miami Beach

Words by Imogen Clark

L’OBJET, the luxury lifestyle brand, teamed up with the highly imaginative Haas Brothers for a world exclusive collaboration which debuted during Art Basel Miami. Alongside this launch, The Haas Brothers opened their first solo exhibition at The Bass Museum named ‘Ferngully’ – which was a display of otherworldly creatures made from bronze and decorated with sheepskin. Elad Yifrach of L’OBJET, Simon and Nikolai Haas,  Evan Snydermann and Zesty Meyers of R&Company all hosted a cocktail party unveiling the collaboration and gave the guests a special viewing of ‘Ferngully‘.

Within the 65- piece collection which is inspired by the landscape of Joshua Tree, L’Objet Haas Brothers have created a range of tableware, home décor, and textiles – not to mention a fragrance which allows the collection to be discovered through the senses of smell, touch, and sight.

The Haas Brothers are made up of twins Nikolai and Simon Haas who are based in Los Angeles and are known for combing art, fashion, design, and film to create playfully exciting projects. Their skills range from creating set designs to masks for singer Lady Gaga.

‘Ferngully’ is titled after the 1992 animated film, and translated through the twins use of vibrant colors and shapes. The immersive exhibition took three years to assemble and takes the visitors on a journey into a new world. Upon entering, the Haas Brothers present an array of furry animals with bronze limbs and progress to a rapid whirlwind of color – a shift they credit to their experiences working alongside bead artisans in South Africa. Cable trunks become palm trees and beaded fruits hang above those that wander through. Furniture is placed below against a purple backdrop to emphasize them. The utopic exhibition creates a new environment which lets your imagination go wild. This family of eclectic furniture can be brought to your home to make the mundane exciting again.

L’Objet Haas Brothers Collection is available to purchase and ‘Fergully’ is on display until April 21st.