Words by Katie Farley
Name: Thiago 
Series: The Gardener
Year: 2014
Widely acknowledged as one of the most instrumental Latin artists that have transpired over the past twenty years throughout the industry, Columbian born contemporary painter Vianey, has quite literally made his mark on the world of art. His highly, all-encompassing body of works have been celebrated for their influences towards the elaboration of modern art. Vianey’s works have ultimately been unveiled to convey idiosyncratic, unique caricatures, which are brought to our attention via the application of striking, vibrant hues, along with a sense of individuality in technique and composition. Amid Latin America, the method has come been recognized as the Vianey Technique.
“I wanted to be an artist from a very young age” explains Vianey, also the founder of the Cool Art Movement. “I identified myself with a painting on canvas as a part of my language of communication and to transmit my feelings to the world. It has been an amazing journey so far traveling the world as an artist, and meeting people who admire so much they become collectors.”

Name : Maria
Series: Faces by Vianey

Name: Cibex
Series : The Cantons  second generation 
His catalog of work comprises of painting and sculpture, a clever combination that has been showcased in more than 13 global exhibits, housed amongst a number of the most prestigious museums, galleries, and venues including The National Museum of Columbia, The American Gallery in New York, and The Chelsea Art Museum.
“I am always trying to invent new ways of communicating through art in order to challenge myself. I suppose I have a defined style that characterizes my work, but I continue to invent and try to push the boundaries within that style.” Happiness is the overriding emotion that transmits from Vianey’s aesthetics. “I want the world to be happier when they see a Vianey painting. The vibrant colors of my paintings are an all-inclusive open invitation for the world to attend my party.”
“When I contextualize my clothes through photography or film, I am always trying to achieve a sense of escapism. I hope my work can give people a bit of a break from troubled times and just a moment to escape and to dream.” This sense of escapism is reflected amid the reoccurring and overtly feminine and romantic aesthetic that characterizes the brand’s individuality, with techniques that are continually evolving.
Name: loui
Series: The Cantons second generation 
Year; 2013
Name : Kevin
Series: The Cantos
Upcoming projects include exhibitions in Europe, Asia, Oceania in 2020/2021. One of which will materialize as a romantic narrative, investigating couples situated amid various adoring circumstances. Throughout the series, spectators will be able to ascertain some popular reoccurring characters who have become synonymous with Vianey’s paintings.
Frequently aiming to contrive new means of interconnecting through art to challenge himself, Vianey, through his distinct panache that personifies his work, continues to push the boundaries within his aesthetic.