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Vincent Pocsik

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Vincent Pocsik is an established artist who translates his contemporary grace and skill into the creative realms of sculpture and design, where his artistic body of works balances a dichotomy between the traditional and modern that breathes new life into the world of design. Pocsik’s latest series, entitled “On The Meridian”, was recently featured in an exhibition titled Works Of Sculpture 33 at FF-1051 Gallery in Los Angeles, curated by Holly Purcell.

“On The Meridian” encompasses new-fangled designs extracted from the artist’s current residency with "Long Ago, Far Away" in Omaha, Nebraska, and is an unremitting adventure that harks back from Pocsik’s former foundations as a sculptor. This is achieved by frequently reconnoitering the form, structure, and function of contemporary, conventional furniture against an innovative method of sculpting that incorporates wood and bronze.

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“I am continuing my exploration because I think there is a lot to be explored,” says Pocsik. “I have been searching for the ideas I am working on in the On the Meridian series for about ten years now. Now that I have found the techniques and language I will spend the next ten plus years exploring the nuances within these ideas. I think the biggest mistake a person can make when they find something is to think that they now understand it. I am willing to admit that I do not fully understand it, which is what pushes me to investigate it further.”

An allure with Michelangelo’s Slaves sculptures serves as inspiration, where Works Of Sculpture 33 experiments with the geometric comparison of form and figure, by that form, is nature – or the natural state – and figure represents the culture of the natural time. The designer’s works effortlessly blur the physical and the supernatural world as one and are awakened by materials including black walnut with pattern creation and hand carving. Additional features are the dual forms of construction by impeccably integrating analog work with techniques that perform with digital fabrication.

“My greatest hope is that it evolves in ways that I cannot foresee,” explains Pocsik. “Right now though I am focusing on taking these ideas into more specific scales so I can fine tune them. First I will be making a series of 20 plus vessels to see how far I can push the balance between pure geometry and figuration. Once I am happy there, I will then move those ideas up in scale. Eventually, I hope to be able to be convincing enough to take it to a public scale. I think this is ultimately where the evolution will continue, in scale. Once the scales change then the materials, have to change, and it continues the challenge.”

From attaining the desire to create as a small child to now constructing aesthetically stimulating creations that have an intriguing and fantastical presence, there are no limits to Vincent Pocsik’s lifelike formations.

Words by Katie Farley