August Vilella


August Vilella

Good Luck

Words by Katie Farley

The works created by Barcelona-born artist August Vilella evoke surreal and supernatural motifs and ideas, which represent the foundation of his artistry; ultimately echoing his fascination with different universes and realities. By cautiously meeting his own subconsciousness, the surrealist pop artist unearths figurative masterpieces that comprise of an array of different characters or creatures captured, in a feeling of apprehension, fear or amazement. Vilella’s methodology results in an otherworldly aura that further impregnates a magical, abstract, and even philosophical verbal.

Vilella delivers a unique relationship between his art and those who view it. Even those who are not art enthusiasts visit his exhibitions and quickly discover that his paintings deeply resonate with their souls. “Maybe the reason lies in the particular intuitive method of painting, thanks to this process I reach a purer, subconscious and deep kind of art which connects more easily with the most primitive part of people” explains Vilella.

Grandma’s Love


“In my exhibitions, people often tell me very different stories and interpretations of my paintings. Some of them finding hidden meanings and philosophic interpretation that make them reflect, others recognizing elements of their own dreams, and some people feel themselves reflected in some kind of metaphoric or allegoric way in the characters and topics of the artworks, bringing them back to the important moments of their life. Be that as it may, my art produces a very special and peculiar reaction in people, bringing them to a special state of mind and soul and help people to connect with themselves.”

It appears as though Vilella is orchestrating a form of hybrid between utopia and dystopia. His narratives suggest he is entranced in reflection, communication, and mediation with the audience. His artworks are illuminated with sophistication, beauty, and creativity, essential qualities that have led him to receive multiple worldwide awards, thanks to his imagination, ability, and originality.