Left: top and pants by Alice + Olivia, choker by La Noree, earrings by Isabel Marant, and gloves by Phenovo
Middle: dress by Mango
Right: dress by Nicholas, belt by Isabel Marant, and gloves by Phenovo

interview by Martin Colino
images by Kevin Alexander

How was it growing up in El Salvador?
Angelica: It's a beautiful country, but life was difficult in El Salvador. When I was 5 or 6 years old, we had to sleep under our beds during the war because we could hear the shooting. So our childhood in El Salvador was not so pleasant, but thank God we made it through that experience.

What are some of your favorite memories of growing up in El Salvador?
Silvia: It was our childhood. Our parents worked very hard and raised us humbly. At the age of 29, I came to the United States.

Why did you decide to come to the United States?
Angelica: It is a difficult decision to leave your country, your customs, and your family. But we wanted to have a better life and fulfill our dreams. Like all undocumented people, we came to this country to fulfill our dreams and have a better life economically.

How long have you lived in the United States?
Silvia: 22 Years

Angelica: Yes, this year it will be 22 years.

What do you do for work in the United States?
Angelica: Right now we have been with our restaurant for four years. We finally made this our own business. I have two Salvadoran food restaurants, and my sister, Silvia, started her restaurant three years ago. We are realizing our dreams. When you have your own business, you have more economic freedom, and we feel fulfilled by that.

How did you feel when you had to leave El Salvador?
Angelica: We were sad that we had to leave our family, friends, and country, but there was no other way. We had many conflicting feelings, sadness, and happiness at the same time because we were heading to live a better life.

What gives you hope for the future?
Angelica: We hope to have good health and a lot of faith and trust in God to follow our dreams. Our dream is to have a chain of restaurants. I already have two, and my sister has one.

What brings you joy?
Silvia: For me, My children were the engine that pushed me to get ahead. They are grown now and are on their own paths. I feel happy and satisfied because I succeeded in raising them well.

What is your biggest regret?
Silvia: I don't think I have any regrets! (laughs)
Angelica: I can't think of any either! (laughs) It has been a difficult life, but if we had not gone through what we lived through, we would not be the women we are today. So I would not change anything about my past because it has made me a strong and powerful woman.

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