Damun Jawanrudi


Damun Jawanrudi

Mann und Stuhl (man and chair), Charcoal

Damun Jawanrudi’s artistic calling originated as a five-year-old child when the young boy recognized the power of a paintbrush during art school and who has since established himself as a multifaceted artist whose creations encompass landscape paintings, sketches and striking abstract aesthetics that are immersed with depth and vibrancy.

While being educated in Germany (also his native country), Jawanrudi developed an interest in line drawing, life drawing, and charcoal work, additionally focusing on contour drawing, as well as figure and form. After graduating in architecture, Jawanrudi moved to New York City and engrossed himself amid the awe-encompassing art scene. It was here, where his paintings adopted a grandiose scale that witnessed his art being applied onto canvases – a method which introduced Jawanrudi’s initial series of large paintings, identified as #1-#6.2. These particular prints signify an appearance out of love and its subsequent sorrow, predominantly as they arose at the same time as when the surroundings of New York took Jawanrudi’s heart.

Extracts of Life Drawing WaterColor

42 Acrylic on Canvas

“I did not start painting because I wanted to define myself as such, but because of painting itself and what it does to me” explains Jawanrudi. “Being an artist is a very abstract term in my opinion. I think the transition of being an artist “officially” mostly takes place when you start sharing your work with others. And this is what I am doing for the first time now because I am curious about the effect the extroverted world has on me vs. the introverted world that I had been in with my work so far.”

Within the series, each piece inflames and stimulates a profound and unconscious reaction from the spectator; albeit, Jawanrudi sustains that response, while inscribed within the canvas itself, is only the possession of the viewer, and can forever translate as something totally diverse for every viewer.

Within the creative universe, Jawanrudi conveys himself, without the need to compromise. “My work is very intimate to me and is connected to a personal story. What I bring to the art world is exactly this story, a reflection of myself in my work. Inviting others to see their story in my work as well. My work is not addressed to anyone but is welcoming everybody.” Conjuring the most meaningful of expressions, Damun Jawanrudi’s works carry an emotional process that wholeheartedly captivates the viewer.

#1 Details 2

#3 Details 1

Words by Katie Farley