Geesien Postema


Geesien Postema

Mountain Sion

Creating paintings that are lovingly extracted from her fascinations for landscape and nature, artist Geesien Postema seeks original inspiration by visually inhaling scenes of the outdoors, recreating its assortment of elements and beauty. The creation of each new painting commences when she embarks on a walk or bike ride in the open air, where Postema enjoys exploring, absorbing and photographing an assortment of images that feed her artistic curiosities.

Born in 1968 and raised in Friesland, The Netherlands, Geesien Postema currently hones her craft in the same location; a place she naturally attains a strong affiliation with that provides the artist with joy and an abundant of inspiring resources. Factors that are seen to frequently impact her body of striking, vivid and abstract works range from reflections, botanical scenes, trees, and clouds, along with various other typical elements one would naturally experience when being outside.

Red tree at the waterside

Some day

“Every season is interesting in its own way” says Postema. “While painting, I tend to let go of the picture, and a more or less abstract painting emerges”. On occasions, the artist also loves to merely experiment with intuitive abstract pieces that imbue an array of vivid, striking colors; a combination that her works are acknowledged for today.

“Throughout each creative process, I add things, alter colors or take a detail of the picture. I find myself always searching for a strong image with variation in lines, patterns, colors, and composition.” Postema’s paintings are abundant with intelligent thoughts and suggestions, therefore permitting the spectator to allow themselves to engage with their imaginations on another level.

She studied at the Vredeman de Vries School of Arts in Leeuwarden and the Nieuwe Akademie in Utrecht. Illustrating elements of emotive, personal and mindfulness, Postema’s paintings that are constructed in a blend of acrylics and ink, ultimately are a reflection of her impressions of what she visually perceives, feels and experiences. Exhibited internationally, Geesien Postema’s artistic signature is viewed, adored and admired by many.

Just give me the good news

Anniversary flowers

Words by Katie Farley