Georgia Noble


Georgia Noble

A Blueprint of Tensions oil on canvas 2016

Throughout Georgia Noble’s vivid abstract works, her objective is to exceed the conventions of customary paintings of landscapes that instead award the spectator with an illusion of space that travels outside the physical and real to conjure a perception of somewhere ‘other’. This intriguing and original technique is achieved through expressive mark implementation, along with the oil paint that is applied using thin layering and employed onto each canvas.

Within the omission of a well-defined structure and horizon line, the upcoming artist aesthetically communicates utilizing suggestive and expressive marks in equal measures. These are amalgamated with an assorted color palette in order to suggest the natural environment, endeavoring to encapsulate and illustrate the energies and formulas it occupies. Amid Noble’s paintings certain familiarities are depicted that provides the onlooker with an aura of stability and identification in relation to the world they are adapted to, however, the more nonrepresentational expressions present an illusion of escapism.

Everyone Leaves oil on canvas 2016

All the Elements oil on canvas 2016

“It is my aim that the work provokes questions of the metaphysical and hints at the sublime,” says Georgia, “challenging preconceptions of our existence within nature and addressing our inferiority and mortality in relation to it.”

Her works of art are curated in relation to her individual journeys and relationships with the natural environment in addition to painting, spontaneously. She allows this to be the source which she creates from and constructs her compositions amid practices of abstraction, where Noble designs a final aesthetic that ignores signs of recognized structure and rather is free to decode.

The fine artist who exhibits on an international level lives and hones her craft in Manchester, UK, the city where she graduated from the School of Art in 2015. Her landscapes, which materialize as atmospheric and sublime, Georgia Noble’s intoxicating pieces appear familiar albeit otherworldly at the same time.

Beyond the Continental Shelf oil on canvas 2015

Words by Katie Farley