Russian womenswear fashion label based in Moscow, INSHADE creates garments and accessories that emit an aura of intelligence and stylish sophistication. Employing practices of creative defacement, the most favored and frequently used fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and delicate cotton jersey experience a sartorial revolution, where they often undergo coloring, damaging, crumpling, printing, and are embroidered and deformed intentionally and permanently. With INSHADE, the brand embarks on a transformative journey by taking an original garment, artfully manipulating it and embracing its newfound creative existence that transpires as undisputedly unique.

Designer and co-owner of INSHADE, Maria Smimova proudly produces all of her fashion collections in Russia, the same country in which she graduated from the Moscow State Textile Academy in 2000. With attaining support from the George Soros Foundation, Maria additionally graduated from the School of Contemporary Art, a grade that was awarded to her in the same year. Participating in museums, art festivals, fairs and fashion exhibits such as Russian Fashion Week, INSHADE’s integral inspirations circulate around the themes of literature, architecture and contemporary art.

“Collection FW18/9 is a mix of reflections on modern gypsies, multi-layered and multicolored clothes in random combinations, power-dressing and the works of American artist Cy Twombly. A series of prints are developed on the basis of studying eclectic samples of Russian, Gypsy, Japanese and Tajik fabrics and embroideries.”

The collection of intriguing, multifaceted layers includes an infusion of color, texture, print, and pattern, with personality and individualism that radiates from every angle. Sumptuously soft coats, second-skin printed jumpsuits complete with tight hoods, abstract patterned tailored two-pieces, oversized androgynous suiting, gleaming metallic pleated skirts, sport luxe sweaters, striking wrap-around coats and modest high-necks all highlights for fall/winter 2018-19.

Words By Kate Farley


Photo by Alexey Nikishin
Models Nastya Grigorieva, Sofya Fileleyeva
Make-up Anna Butusova, Masha Efremenko


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