Jinsu Han


Jinsu Han

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Designing kinetic sculptures that emit generative art, Jinsu Han from Seoul, Korea, who could carry the title as a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein, has been honing his unorthodox sculptural craft for more than two decades, enthralling audiences worldwide and exhibiting in multiple solo and group presentations. Encompassing rudimentary physics and chemistry, Han injects an awakening into his mechanized sculptures by spinning, flapping or creating bubbles – acts that contribute to his artistic and innovative performances.

Han’s latest series of sculptures that appear as a juxtaposition of castaway junk and science apparatus, materialize as clinical glass jars bubbling with tiny dye-filled bubbles. Radiating continuous effervescence, the experiment, (exhibiting at the Marc Straus Gallery, New York, between April 8 – May 20, 2018) represents biological opportunities that are abounding the head. Portraying time as a fundamental factor, supposing that the idea of things remaining stationary isn’t an actual reality and everything is in a state of fluctuation, spectators are prompted to pause and visually inhale Han’s vigorous installations.

Sky Generator 2010

Title Unknown

“Despite its low-tech appearance, “Dream Fiend” is a complex construction of found wood and cast-metal components, replete with a metal bird-head that repeatedly pecks a human skull. A built-in receiver intercepts and broadcasts nearby signals. Han combines Dutch Vanitas with the relentless tick-tocking of a cuckoo clock. Metaphors of our daily lives, Han’s work reveals the beauty in our routines and experiences.

The artist’s kinetic wonders transpire as little creative acts of engineering – revealing bespoke-cut brass bones and wires reminiscent of veins intermingled with day-to-day rubbishy items, spare parts of unwanted toys and antiques, which portray his artful mechanisms with an unpolished, low-tech, bizarre boldness.

Attaining a naturally inquisitive state of mind, Jinsu Han’s passion lies in dismantling objects and reconstructing them through his own innovative method, where imbuing a dichotomy of metaphor and material, his work radiates personality with natural authenticity.

words by Katie Farley

Jinsu Han