Natalya Derbyshire


Natalya Derbyshire

Words by Katie Farley

Natalya Derbyshire is a contemporary womenswear’s clothing label, one which applies fashion as an instrument for personal development amid the milieu of modern-day commotion and the addition of social rules. Beautifully blending masculine and feminine aesthetics that reveal the brand’s typical signature, Natalya Derbyshire additionally showcases timeless silhouettes and details that exude a rebellious nature.

The designer’s professional career began as a teacher of science at the main University of Russia in the department of educational research, where she desired to influence the process of education amid Russian schools. With the field being of an administrative nature, Natalya was unable to orchestrate her creative methodology, which led her search towards a more artistic vocation.

“As soon as I took an online fashion design class, it had a resonance deep down in my soul,” says Natalya. “Finally, I received the scholarship in Marangoni university (Milan, Italy) for a Design course. Fashion and design have always been my main inspiration. It is now a tool which lets me change people’s minds. If I could change the appearance of women and make them feel confident in their own looks, then I knew I could change and influence women to become the better versions of themselves.”

Her background in science is the main factor that differentiates herself from other designer’s, a subject that forms an analytical approach to her creations. As opposed to pure fashion and visual trends being her method, Natalya channels the understanding of idealistic cuts as well as spotlighting models of all body types and ages throughout her collections, carrying the significance of developing a brand which is inclusive to all.

“It was not by chance that the first collection shooting was held within the walls of the Russian State Lenin Library, because the first collection is devoted to an intellectual girl. This, in its own way, was some gratitude to my previous experience, which largely influenced the stylistic direction of the brand.”

The Natalya Derbyshire brand transpires in honor of her husband, where she acknowledges his unparalleled support throughout her sartorial adventure as being the fundamental reason why she was able to pioneer her design dream.

With modern-day life being diversified, the designer understands the balance with work, life and community involvement, and self-development. “Most people dress up to feel good, and style is always an expression of personality. Fashion doesn’t need to conform to reality but rather a reflection of your imagination. I would love to help women to become a person they want to be,” expresses Natalya. “When women are looking good they could become an enhanced version of who they are and believe that everything will come together. Our brand creates these opportunities for people and communicates with their better versions of oneself.”

The brand looks to all strong women, a shining figure of all generations and those who successfully attain the equilibrium among all the social rules in a rapidly growing universe. They are females who take pride in their appearance and look to seasonal trends to unapologetically stand out amid the crowd, while in equal measures, attain the softness of feminine nature and occupy the power of social status. They require comfortable garments that additionally assist them in revealing their own character.

For Natalya’s autumn/winter 2018-19 collection, a fresh era of enlightenment is delivered and based on a rebellious thinker, a determined and empowered individual gaging the aesthetics of both masculinity and femininity. 1980s-inspired cuts are extracted as critical factors throughout and are reflected explicitly in the coats and jackets, while a timeless feminine illusion is illustrated in the silhouettes, yet are strong-willed and somewhat rebellious. “I am in love with our bright green check cape with a matching skirt,” says Natalya. “I think it’s the perfect reflexion between profession and play attitude. I also recommend paying attention to our maxi coats. I am a girl from a cold country and typically have to wear coats half of the year. You want to bring bright colors and interesting cuts to make this season more joyful and emotional.” For a unique aesthetic that marries coveted trends with empowering femininity, look no further than Natalya Derbyshire.


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