Ray Chu


Ray Chu

Contemporary designer from Taipei, Taiwan, Ray Chu transpires as the creative brainchild which is responsible for the eponymous and edgy, ready-to-wear fashion brand he curated in 2016. Ray Chu immediately established his sartorial line following on from his Fall/Winter 2017 collection (“Gloss”) which he exhibited amid Shanghai Fashion Week after his Spring/Summer 2017 debut offering in Taipei.

In an intriguing twist to his individual aesthetic, Ray Chu reflects stimulating signs of subtle gender fluidity through the mindfully placed cut-outs amid his collections. This is artfully achieved without resulting in an overtly provocative revealing, where besides, the innovative and effortlessly cool label illustrates designs that are determined by the original blend of pure quality and pioneering craftsmanship – elements that set the upcoming designer apart from other fashion influencers in his field.

Nonchalant silhouettes, along with clean cuts and a terribly cool zeitgeist, therefore, contribute to this harmonious juxtapose that ultimately characterizes Ray Chu’s unapologetically modern vision. The designer portrays a distinctive sense of aesthetic amid his artistry with careful consideration on orchestrating the originality via the most diverting inconspicuous details. “We believe there is no gender line among clothes,” confirms Ray Chu.

Before the launch of his label, he was educated at Shih Chien University and graduated with an MA, additionally acting as one of the contributed designers to school’s incubation brand Cynical Cheri. Furthermore, Ray Chu has accumulated several industry internships, including those at Katie Gallagher and The Impression Magazine.

In relation to the current season, Ray Chu’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection is entitled “Old Times”, a fashion story which tells the tale of preferring to stay at home, MTV music channel playing, whilst lovingly invading mom’s wardrobe and trying on a variety of outfits, making the most of being home alone during the warm months of summer break. “Old Times” with an essence of glamour transpires as the collections underlying inspiration.

“This season, we focused on the understated details by playing with placed hardware detail” explains Ray Chu, who takes the collection one step further by introducing alternative textiles and textures extracted from beaten effect denim to shimmering multi-colored and glittery strip knits. “Sunken in MTV glam, the collection started simply with the 1980s – 90s elements by applying into the long slim fit pants and cropped tops, and retro vintage washed denim ensembles to a shade of horizon blue” recalls the designer. “From an earthy sand oversized trench coat to energy red slouchy pants, all in clean shapes and of the slightest silhouettes.”

An array of unassuming details is randomly dispersed throughout the current seasonal offering, such as the use of meticulously placed hardware pieces, including biker chain straps and screw nickel-back grommets. These decretive items are infused with opposing proportional styles that the designer explains “all of which represent the brand’s uninhibited spirit and being a bit apart from the system.” Previous pieces that summarize Ray Chu’s aesthetic include oversized outerwear’s, disjointed tailoring’s, an array of denim, feminine slip dresses and androgynous additions – eclectic and exciting in equal measures.


Words by Katie Farley


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