Benedikt – ‘Havana Nights’



‘Havana Nights’

Canadian born, Berlin-based solo artist, and creative Benedikt recently unveiled his music video for ‘Havana Nights’, which he self-directed and produced – transpiring as the second single extracted from his impending EP that is scheduled for release at the end of July.

Experimenting with five fundamental elements; space, color, the human body, gesture and light, the video captures an assortment of scenes around Berlin that reflects a dream-like essence and encapsulates the magical light from the evening and the early hours of the morning. This ethereal aesthetic was created and shot by talented cinematographer Smina Bluth.

About the video, Benedikt deciphers “The performance was entirely improvised and explores a loose narrative of a man reminiscing – expressing himself in different spaces through vocal performance and movement. The music video dances between choreographically composed shots and close-ups.”

Employing segments of grit and finesse, the somatic soundscape is polished and examines the relationship between power, desire, and vulnerability, while is frequently introspective and visceral. Additional verses illustrate yearning, nostalgia, and passion.

Throughout ‘Havana Nights’, the sound dances between chaos and the delicate, while Benedikt’s voice exchanges among natural and synthesized, transitioning amid rich instrumentation and vibrant percussion. “Much of my music stems from improvisation. Often in the studio, I’m creating different loops, chord progression, and sound pallets. I’ll then vocally improvise overtop of these instrumentations. Once there is a rough structure or sonic idea that I’m drawn towards I’ll start to shape a song.” Benedikt’s EP is entitled “Fascia.” “Fascia is a web of connective tissue in the body – a subtle yet vital part of us. Much like the meaning of the title, my music and production skills have subtly expanded and become more interconnected. I feel that the EP represents an interconnected sonic vision. I’m hoping to release a song or two this fall. And continue to release music on a regular basis. I’m also looking forward to getting out of the studio and sharing this music with people live.”

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Words by Katie Farley





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