Shea Diamond


Shea Diamond Drops Fiery Single

"Presence of a Legend"

Photo Morgan T Stuart 

Words by Zachary Weg

Just last month, New York-based singer/songwriter Shea Diamond released a dynamo of a single. "Presence of a Legend," a blues-pop anthem for transgender individuals around the world, pays tribute to transgender icon Gloria Allen and rallies suffering souls across the globe to "stand up" and strive to overcome anguish. The original song for the Luchina Fisher-directed documentary, Mama Gloria, which premiered earlier this year as the kick-off event of the thirteenth season of the AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange series, "Presence of a Legend" not only indelibly honors Allen's activism but is simply one of the finest, fiery pop songs in recent memory.

"We can all agree that trans women are constantly in the fight for our lives for lack of visibility, rights, control over our own narrative, and collective freedoms. It's rare we get the opportunity to uplift each other in our perspective jobs, careers, or positions. Getting the opportunity to uplight one of our transcestors is one of the proudest moments in my musical career. I'm honored to be able to use my gift of song to leave a lasting message of our very own legend Mama Gloria (listening to this song the T in Transcestor is not silent). It is my wish that future generations will be able to get to know the importance of celebrating those that came before us in the hope of keeping our legacy alive!"

Listen to "Presence of a Legend" here via Facet House and ADA Worldwide and find out more about Shea Diamond at her Facebook page.





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