Anna Of The North


Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North – Lovers

Words by Oliver Monaghan

As the September clouds descend upon us like the harbingers of Fall and we begin to feel Autumn’s tepid embrace as it sinks into our bones. We find ourselves reminiscing about a summer gone too soon. Ruminating on a romanticized vision of what has come to pass. Painting our nostalgia with the breathy palette of sonic pastels as we soundtrack our sentimentality with Anna Of The North’s stunningly ethereal debut album ‘Lovers’.

Far from your typical, run of the mill pop album, ‘Lovers’ presents us with something altogether a little different. Blending elements of a multitude of styles and eras to create a new brand of dream-pop that has already caught the attention of heavy hitters such as Tyler The Creator, with whom Anna has recorded two tracks for his latest musical offering ‘Flower Boy’. 80’s style guitar licks set to the sound of dulcet synth riffs provide the perfect accompaniment to Anna’s soaring, yet tender, vocal work. Lulling us, the listener, into a serene state of audible narcosis that ultimately alleviates the drudgery of our nine to five lives.

However be under no illusions that this is by any means a joyful record. The lyricism of each track is wrought with the kind of raw, passionate emotion that can only be obtained when going through heartbreak. It is an honest and relatable depiction of a relationships rise and fall. Piecing together everything from the undeliverable promises that all of us make at loves inception, to the doubt, distance and its inevitable demise. This is an intensely personal memoir, which is as heart-wrenching as it is rapturous and is one that is surely not to be missed.

Anna Of The North’s ‘Lovers’ is due to be released today.

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