Ocean Park Standoff X Seeb – “Lost Boys”


Ocean Park Standoff X Seeb – “Lost Boys”

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Ocean Park Standoff, an alt-pop LA-based trio originally established in 2016, are revealing their latest upbeat interpretation, ‘Lost Boys’, which transpires as a collaborative production alongside Grammy-nominated Norwegian act Seeb. “Lost Boys” explores the rich vocals of Ethan Thompson, who delineates the melodic release as “Forgetting the rules and living in complete freedom.”

Coming from equally interesting worlds, each of the artists behind Ocean Park Standoff individually resonates with the music industry. Pete Nappi, a self-taught producer, draws inspiration from underground hip-hop and rock art, creating exceedingly innovative productions, who, as a child, constructed his basement into his own music studio. Samantha Ronson, a DJ whose creative longevity has taken her to prestigious global gigs, is additionally known for her songwriting and multi-instrumental talents. Ethan Thompson, lead singer and classically trained vocalist, has previously illustrated his distinguished song dexterity in composing hits for influential artists, thus traveling around L.A’s hotspots, showcasing his singer/songwriter abilities.

Explain the recent collaboration with Norwegian trio Seeb and how did that materialize for ‘Lost boys’?
We’ve been a big fan of Seeb’s ever since we heard “Pill In Ibiza” and when the opportunity came up to collaborate with them we jumped on it right away. Couldn’t have been an easier group to work with. We talked online, sent our stems, and only a few weeks later got their beautiful remix back, not even a note needed.

Does ‘Lost Boys’ reflect a particular message or resonate with anything/anyone? If so, can you please elaborate.
Lost boys were actually the first song the three of us wrote together and we think shows why we love writing together. We were talking about all the stresses we had going on and wanted to write something that was an escape from that. The verses are actually a mix of personal stories from all of us and the chorus is our “forget about it for a moment” anthem.

How did Ocean Park Standoff originally establish? How did all of you come together?
We had our first session together in early 2016. Samantha and Pete had gotten set up on a session together and loved each other’s vibes, mainly that Samantha was such a lover of analog and Pete was a digital creator. Pete brought me (Ethan) in to sing and write with Samantha over what they had been creating. After doing two sessions together and coming up with “Lost Boys” and “Good News” we knew we were onto something and Samantha suggested we become a group and play at some local venues for fun. That’s how the whole thing started!

Aside from collaborating with Seeb, what other upcoming projects do you have that we can hear about?
We are very excited for the year ahead as we have a bunch of new music coming out and are about to hit the road with AJR, a band we’ve been fans of for a while. In April we are releasing our next single along with a video we are shooting in early March! We have so much unreleased music we play at shows there’s also been the talk of releasing a mixtape with some live footage from shows. Stay tuned!

How would you like to see Ocean Park Standoff in a few years’ time? Will we still be hearing Ocean Park Standoff in years to come?
We love collaborating together and there will always be music coming out of this team as long as people are listening. We can’t wait for more adventures on the road together and what the future has to bring. Our fans are some of the most hype crowd and we are always ready to get back out there and play.

Words by Katie Farley

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